It is all about the babies here!

Enjoy your vacation knowing that your fur baby is having a ball and enjoying their very own pooch vacation right out of our loving home. 

 During their stay, your fur baby will receive so much love, attention and cuddles along with continual supervision.  They will also enjoy many fun filled activities throughout the day, and you can follow along with text and photo collage updates.


Who will have more fun? You or your dog on vacation?!

Here are some additional details about our Doggie Resort:
We DO NOT kennel babies or keep them outside.
Premises are secured by ADT and Blink security.
On-site integrated backup generator for maximum comfort and safety.
Exits, fences and yard gates are securely locked and regularly inspected.
Yards and Park are regularly landscaped and maintained.

Is it time for a treat yet?

Exclusive to small breed dogs > 25 lbs. with limited exceptions.
We specialize in small breed, elderly, and high energy/maintenance dogs.
More than one fur baby in the family?  We offer a multiple dog discount.  We would love to hear from you.

Call for meet-and-greet today! 832-791-2187